Showtime is a group of international companies specialising in the production, promotion and touring of world-class tribute shows. With more than 10,000 performances on the books and eight marquee shows currently touring the globe, Showtime is the premier name in tribute entertainment.

Beginning as an artist management company in New Zealand in 1979, Showtime evolved into a multi-faceted entertainment business that now develops original tribute shows from concept through to touring and performance.

Currently based on the Gold Coast, Australia, with affiliate companies in the USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Europe and Singapore, Showtime boasts an extensive network of regular and partner venues including theatres, casinos, arenas and amphitheatres.

Showtime’s mission is simply to make our audiences believe. By carefully recreating the sound, look and charisma of the world’s greatest entertainers our tribute shows awaken treasured memories and give you the chance to re-live the fun, frivolity, talent and magic of your most loved music icons.

As the years move ahead and the great musical acts of yesteryear pass on, Showtime strives to keep the music alive forever.

John Van Grinsven, CEO

Johnny Van Grinsven is an industry name that has become synonymous with tribute entertainment across the globe. Born in New Zealand, Johnny was drawn to music early and began to study classically from the age of twelve.

As the inescapable energy of the 70’s hit New Zealand, Johnny was entranced and soon traded in the classics for a bass guitar, forming a band and touring nationally. As the sound of 70’s disco began to be drowned out by the roar of 80’s rock, Johnny established himself within the broadcasting industry as a radio DJ, bringing the best of new and exciting international music to the airways. Johnny’s experiences during this time have inspired and shaped the Showtime company to recreate and re-stage the classics to a standard of excellence.

After moving to Australia to establish Showtime Management, Johnny began work on the company’s core show, The ABBA Show. From the first tour, industry professionals and critics alike noted and praised Johnny’s keen eye for talent and his dedication to authenticity.

When approaching the creation phase of a show, Johnny’s process is cemented in research, everything from costumes to set design and era correct instruments are curated, restored and reimagined to create the illusion of authenticity.

By 2001 Johnny had set his eyes on the international market and began work on a show that would establish Showtime as the world leaders in Tribute entertainment. Queen: It’s A Kinda Magic launched in 2002, directed by Johnny the shows commitment to capturing the sight, sound and energy of a Queen concert attracted the attention of the industry and entertained audiences with sold out tours of Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. This laid the foundations for what is now the Showtime repertoire, over the next five years Showtime expanded globally, establishing offices in South Africa and Las Vegas and creating new live experiences Beatlemania On Tour, Michael Jackson HIStory Show, Bee Gees – Night Fever and now the monumental staging of The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show.

Now, with over 30 years experience in the business and over 10,000 shows in 22 countries, Johnny is a renowned director and producer with praise from critics, musicians and those closest the stars themselves.

Showtime now employs over 50 musicians, artists and crew in the creation of these live events and is proudly a family company with Johnny’s son Jon Van Grinsven Jnr joining the company as Production Manager and his daughter Clasina Van Grinsven as Dance Captain.

“Belief is the backbone of every performance, the belief of what we are creating, the belief of the performer becoming that icon, the belief of the sound we are creating and above all the belief of the audience who see their idols brought back to life night after night in front of their eyes.”

– Johnny Van Grinsven.