Everybody knows that rock concerts can be really loud; ear-ringing, head-banging kind of loud. It is to be expected. But I did not expect the tribute concert Queen, It’s a Kinda Magic to be that kind of loud – after all, it was playing at the Festival Theatre, not at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The show was so loud, earplugs being held in place and pushed deep into cavities by fingers was the only way that it could be made bearable. No matter how great the pyrotechnics, the music and the impersonations, it was difficult to ignore the fact that we had to hide away from the onslaught of sound.

All the popular hits – including “Radio Ga Ga”, “Bicycle”, “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” – were performed well, and audience members around us were obviously enjoying themselves a lot more than we were, standing up, clapping and singing along. After moving right up the back after the intermission, we acquired a better view and a slightly less offending volume.

Freddie Mercury is played beautifully by Giles Taylor, who is a talented piano player and has a solid voice.

Ultimately, it was one of those experiences I wish I had enjoyed more. The concert was long, good value for money for fans; and those who knew what to expect were very pleased. Perhaps tribute bands aren’t my thing. Call me old-fashioned, but sitting at home listening to a Queen CD at just the right volume seems a lot more enjoyable.

Queen – It’s a Kinda Magic was performed in Adelaide for one night only as part of a national tour.


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